Very Quickly processes food waste for composting


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Lowest price in market


Food waste management
as per govt. rules the best
& safest way


No bad smell, No Mess No pest problem​​

Compost Machine

Compost machine manufacturers: are you looking for leading compost machine manufacturers? 


Having most modern manufacturing facility, developing ultra advanced high quality compost machines for industrial and commercial purposes-  then you have reached at the right place. 


We have a very wide range of compost machine available in different processing capacities starting from 25 kg per day to 2 Tonnes per day. Our COMPOSTO series and WC series are helping hotels, canteens, temples, mess, factories etc. in handling their huge wet waste and turning that into high quality manure. We as responsible waste management company and compost machine / environment related products manufacturers, believes in following the most natural and organic way to reprocess any type of waste.


Compost Machine are available in both variants – Fully automatic Compost Machine and Semi Automatic. Also we takes customised orders for compost machine according to the food and organic waste you need to process.


Our COMPOSTO series – The best compost machine in its segment is a fully automatic variant and makes impact on your waste management initiatives. This dynamic compost machine process is based on biological, organic and natural process of composting and is being manufactured with high quality branded components.



COMPOSTO – Our waste compost machine has inbuilt shredder with sturdy blades (controlled RPM for processing), mixing chamber and 5 star power heaters, gas exhalers, liquid fertiliser squeezer etc.

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Compost Machine Manufacturer for hotels,
Restaurants, Home composting.

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Compost Machine Process

Inbuilt Shredder - Reverse & Forward Function

Inbuilt Shredder

5 things you must check before
buying compost machine:

  1. Compost machine should have inbuilt shredder (The Golden Rule- more the surface area to microbes the easier and fast the decomposition process will be).

  2. Power of motor attached to shredder should be apt and match shredder capacity

  3. Shredder is needed for only hard materials – if don’t have hard material food waste like bones etc. then there is no need to spend unnecessary on with shredder machines (Without shredder compost machine is available at much lower prices).

  4. Composting is not a mechanical process so ask for compost quality certificate if anyone offering 24 hours composter.

  5. Contact parts of compost machine which will come into touch with garbage should preferably built with stainless steel as it will not take rust and will increase machine life.

How cOMPOSTO helps
in composting process

* Helps in volume reduction of huge oil ups of waste

* Helps in making best quality compost in just 9 days

* Helps bad Odour Control

* Makes composting ready to process very easily in its biological stage

* Prepares high quality manure in which all necessary nutrients present for plant growth

Other details about “COMPOSTO”

* Very compact unit available across organic waste converter machine segment

Compost Machine Related Faq's We are Receiving Regularly

Q.: What is Compost Machine?

Ans: Compost machine helps in whole composting process the most organic way by shredding / mixing, heating etc.

Q.: How Compost Machine Works?

Ans: Compost Machine generally have inbuilt shredder, mixing brim, heating chamber etc work along to expedite the decomposition process.

Q.: How to Make Compost Machine?

Ans: Compost Machine Manufacturing or making includes complex process of fabrication along with electrical amalgamations so a compost machine will be tough to make at home.

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