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• Working Capacity: 200 Kg. per Batch

• Motor Capacity: 10 HP

• Dimensions ( LxWxH ) in mm: 2.5 m x 2 m x 2 m (Approx.)

• Waste Batch Size: 200 kg

• MOC: All Contact Part SS-304

• Outer Body: Stainless Steel

• Approx Unit:

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• Working Capacity: 150 Kg. per Batch

• Motor Capacity: 8 HP

• Dimensions ( LxWxH ) in mm: 2 m x 1.8 m x 1.8 m (Approx.)

• Waste Batch Size: 150 kg

• MOC: All Contact Part SS-304

• Outer Body: Stainless Steel

• Approx Unit:

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  • Capacity: 100 Kg. per Batch
  • Motor Capacity: 5 HP
  • Dimensions ( LxWxH ) in mm: 1.8 m x 1.4 x 1.4m (Approx.)
  • Waste Batch Size: 100 kg
  • MOC: All Contact Part SS-304
  • Outer Body: Stainless Steel
  • Approx Unit:
  • Price: Call Us For Latest Quote


• Working Capacity: 50 Kg. per Batch

• Motor Capacity: 3 HP 

• Dimensions ( LxWxH ) in mm: 1.6 m x 1.4 m x 1.4m (Approx.) 

• Waste Batch Size: 50 kg

• MOC: All Contact Part SS-304

• Outer Body: Stainless Steel

• Approx Unit:

• Price: Call Us For Latest Quote


• Capacity: 25 Kg. per Batch

• Motor Capacity: 2 HP

• Dimensions ( LxWxH ) in mm: 1.5 m x 1.2 x 1.2m(Approx.)

• Waste Batch Size: 25 kg

• MOC: All Contact Part SS-304

• Outer Body: Stainless Steel

• Approx Unit:

• Price: Call Us For Latest Quote

Organic Waste Composter Machine

Organic Waste Converter Manufacturers in India are putting lot of efforts on research and development in today’s scenario in our country and across world. Composting machine manufacturers are introducing lot of newer technologies to facilitate composting process the best way possible. In the same order and also understanding our responsibility as one of the leading organic waste converter machine manufacturers in Delhi NCR, catering clients across India, we are also trying to contribute the best way possible. We have introduced our unique product “COMPOSTO” for making composting process easy and quick at the same time keeping the quality of final product – Manure- at its highest possible levels.

Organic waste management handling was never easy – before we proudly introduced the best Organic waste converter machine or you can also call it Organic waste composter machine: “COMPOSTO”.

Be it food leftover, fruits-vegetables peels, veg or non veg raw food material, plants leaves etc. COMPOSTO helps in processing to convert the whole stuff into high quality compost. 

COMPOSTO is the best organic waste converter machine available in market today as perfect solution, making us stand apart in all organic waste composting machine manufacturers in India or Delhi NCR region. We are continuously making efforts in our labs and research and development centre to introduce solutions to many problems related to all waste leftovers. We are also collaborating with many international firms based in countries like Israel, South Korea, Japan etc. to get latest technologies present in market for effective solution of perfect waste management.

How COMPOSTO helps in composting process:

* Helps in volume reduction of huge oil ups of waste

* Helps in making best quality compost in just 9 days

* Helps bad Odour Control

* Makes composting ready to process very easily in its biological stage  

* Prepares high quality manure in which all necessary nutrients present for plant growth

Other details about “COMPOSTO”

* Very compact unit available across organic waste converter machine segment 

* Looks wise good (best to put in hotels restaurants kitchen etc.)

* Available in different capacities

* Takes very low electricity

* Single phase capacity also available

* Output process is state of art

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* ETP / STP suppliers / Manufacturers in Delhi NCR

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Organic waste : Uff! Such a huge problem in India

But wait, Wow!! Now we have organic waste composting machine to deal with such mess in our neighborhood. 
DS consultancy presents “COMPOSTO”. Now don’t worry about your food Waste / plants leaves mess, our COMPOSTO will perfectly deal with your problem the most organic way. 
Also in return it will give you fantastic quality of manure, use it with your plants and they will thank you for such good nutrition. Also the water or moisture present in the waste is perfect quality organic liquid fertilizer, which will give magical growth to your garden and all this is possible by most modern organic waste composting enabling machine – COMPOSTO. 
Honestly friends, COMPOSTO is such a bane today, it is helping mother nature to keep the organic nature intact. How?? Guys, it is handling organic waste by organic composting process – just go through our you tube Vedios on the issue. Just to share few of them here, we would say it is keeping the ground water safe and protecting it from contaminating.
Yes some may say, that earlier we were not spending anything on our waste, but friends spending such small amount of money to keep our environment safe is just peanuts. We have kept our organic waste converter machine price at very reasonable, you can contact our sales representatives for more details. The representatives themselves are environment mitras and not only organic waste Composter machine manufacturers, so you can interact with them with your most complex problems related to Organic waste handling process.
Now comes the availability part: Friends don’t worry about the Organic Waste Composter or Converter Machine availability in any city, we will make the most vibrant solution – COMPOSTO – the organic waste composting machine available in your city only, be it Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai or anywhere else, just ring once on +91- 99588-58881.

FAQs will help you understanding the product better:

Q.: What exactly is Organic Waste Composting Machine? 

Ans.: Organic waste composting machine helps in whole composting process the most organic way by shredding / mixing etc.

Q.: Organic waste Composting machine in India

Ans:  People generally asks us that are organic waste composting machines available in India? Yes these are available and we are one of the leading organic waste composting machine manufacturers in India.

Q.: What waste composting machine do?

Ans: Waste composting machine is a tool which helps and speeds up the whole composting process.

Q: Price of Organic waste compost machine?

Ans. Organic waste compost machine are available at different prices according to its capacity.

  1. Quality of compost mad from organic waste compost machine in India?

Ans.: Organic waste compost machine in India which we manufactures are producing high quality compost.

Q: Where these Compost Machine for sale are available? 

Ans: You can call us @ 9958858881 and we have compost machine for sale as well as we do AMCs for compost machines.

Q.: Difference between organic waste converter and organic waste compost machine? 

Ans: There is absolutely no difference in organic waste converter machine and organic waste composter machine as both performs same function.

Q.: What is Organic waste converter cost in India?

Ans: The organic waste converter machine cost depends upon the capacity of the machine so the cost of organic waste conveter machine will vary machine to machine.

Q.: How to convert organic waste into compost?

Ans: With the help of organic waste converter machine or composting machine and adding some bio culture and following the proper curing process (watering etc.) you can convert organic waste into compost.

Q.: Organic waste converter Bangalore availability? 

Ans: We have brach office there, so you can order organic waste converter in Bangalore.

For more details, contact us at…. or Call us at +91-99588 58881

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Garden Shredder is required if garden waste like plant
pruning’s is to be converted into organic manure.

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What is Organic Waste?

The organic waste comprises many components like paper & cardboard, food, green & garden waste, animal waste and bios lids and sludges all are majorly of biological origins. There is a general confusion about the term “Organic Waste”.  Firstly “Organic Waste” does not includes plastics or rubber on the other hand to an organic line chemist these components or polymers are certainly of organic in nature. Putrescible wastes may be a subset of “Organic Waste” with the distinction being that putrescible wastes for example – food/ Eatables scraps, tend to compost or degrade very rapidly whereas some other “Organic Waste” for example – paper, takes more time in comparison or very special conditions to decompose.

Waste Volumes and Contribution

Total waste consists of mainly Organic wastes as their single largest component.  Approximately 1.2 million tons of organic waste if we take for example, then approx.  25% of this waste will be originated from green (or garden) waste with other main components or contributors to this total pile up being manures & sludges (approx. 20%), food/eatables wastes (approx 18%) and paper & cardboard part (15%). Land clearing, timber products & wood pieces combine to form another approx. 18% of the total organic waste.  Not only these are major contributors to poor soils but also this material generates the high levels of pollution when they are being disposed of in landfills. Many components of organic wastes can cause health issues to public like diseases, bad odours & pests.


Organic Wastes and tts effects on our Environment :

In these vast landfills organic wastes decomposes in the aerobic process which in turn produces biogas (most-predominantly “Methane Gas”- a significant greenhouse-gas) and leach ate that will be containing fiber & other soluble organics. The leach ate pollutes available valuable groundwater and may release & mobilize heavy metals from these vast landfills. Some organic wastes like sludges contains very toxic heavy metals or nutrient pollutants. Totally uncontrolled disposal of such toxic garbage may lead to site contamination or may pollute very valuable ground water. If we want to protect very valuable water resources we have to prevent pollution coming from these unethical process of waste treatment & disposal of organic waste at these landfills. Open burning of this highly toxic garbage pollutes the air and our environment & contributes more to the smog problem in metropolitan cities.

Recycling and Reuse

Organic wastes can be very valuable resource & can be processed into various valuable products, we are pioneers in such waste management services. We have successfully developed many recycling techniques in the area of waste management services. Successful recycling of this highly toxic waste depends on adequate separation/ segregation at the source of itself, which in turn will ensure the production of a much valuable high-class end product. Anaerobically digestive processing is another option for more noxious organic components like animal sludges that would not normally be composted due to their high-offensive in nature.

If we can upgrade the production of recycled products out of this waste, that will also conserve these vast landfills which is becoming increasingly scarce to us.

How does organic waste turns into compost?

Composting system is a way to give treatment solid waste in which, microorganisms breaks down the whole organic material, while helping the most natural process of decay until we gets an end product – which can be carefully handled, stored & applied back to the atmosphere.


This kind of composting process includes organic waste, like leaves/grass/ other horticulture waste, leftover fruits & vegetable scraps, soil (which contains microorganisms or bio culture), water for moisture & oxygen. The microorganisms or bio culture eats this toxic organic waste in turn breaking it down into its simplest components, after this eating process these microorganisms or bio culture produces “The humus” (or finished quality compost) which will be very rich with fiber & other important inorganic nutrients, such as phosphorus/potassium/nitrogen & presence of these nutrients makes a natural fertilizer that is highly beneficial to the surroundings or atmosphere. In process to produce this humus the microorganisms or bio culture requires water & oxygen presence for aerobic respiration process. The microorganisms or bio culture access this oxygen, so turning over the compost is important every day or two. In this natural/aerobic or respiration process microorganisms or bio culture produces heat (temp. of up to “One fifty” Fahrenheit or “Sixty Six” degrees Celsius temperature) & carbon dioxide. With regular watering & turning over the compost every 2-3 days bin or pile, the compost can be decomposed very fast, say in 2-3 weeks. Otherwise it can take very long time to get decomposed.

Aside from this turn over and watering process to keep the moisture inside (don’t make it too wet)this composting process requires enough microorganisms or bio culture & the right ratio of carbon to nitrogen (about 30:1). Smaller pieces of waste will be faster to get decomposed.

The food web or organization of microorganisms or bio culture, within your compost pile will expedite the decomposing process. The food web includes fungi & different types bacteria that will break down the organic waste in your trash; protozoa/nematoids(small worms) & mites that feed on the fungi & bacteria & invertebrates, such as beetles, sow bugs & millipedes that feed on the protozoa, nematoids & mites.

Organic Waste Converter Machine or Composter Machine

We are manufacturers of very wide range of organic waste converter machines or composting machines in economic price range. Salient features of fully automatic food waste composter machine:


• This high quality organic waste converter machine turns food waste to high grade compost in just 24 hours.

• Effectively reduce garbage volume & waste disposal costs.

• Totally Odorless & pest deterrent processing

• Sustainable quality & socially responsible functionality

Our organic Waste Composter machine in India is planned that way, it makes total composting process easy & convenient for users. This fully automatic and semi automatic variants of food waste converter machine is very compact and aesthetically designed. Fully automatic food waste composting machines are outfitted with futuristic technology to maintain the right degree of temperature, flow of air & moisture levels. A special kind of microorganisms or bio culture which is heat/salt/acid resistant has to be used for fast decomposing process. Once the microorganisms or bio culture are mixed with shredded waste in organic waste converter machine they reproduce themselves at a very fast pace under ideal internal conditions maintained inside the machine.

When organic garbage is filled in converter or composter machine in Delhi, this increase in moisture levels will be automatically detected by installed sensor which consequently will start the inside heating system. With increase inside temperature activates the microorganisms or bio culture which break down the wet garbage into high quality fertile compost. With the process ongoing, moisture present in waste will be converted into water vapors and will be drained out through blower. The total process will not only reduce the waste volume upto 85% but also the residual will be highly effective manure with very fertile nutrients within 24 hours. The temperature can be maintained at such levels in our fully automatic food waste converter machine that even fish & meat are easily decomposed. The technology to maintain temp. & air flow process prevents any type of bad odor issues & any pest problem. These owc machines are required to be emptied only once a week & the end product it gives will be very high grade compost which can be used in plantations or can be sold online.

Our organic waste converter machine – Features & Specifications

• Fully automatic machines & Semi automatic variants

• Power saving technology

• Heavy duty SS composting chamber (BRIM) & agitator shaft.

• Machine can process all types of food waste.

• Approx. 80% to 90% reduce in volume can be achieved

• Only weekly removal of compost required

• Compact in size, Aesthetically designed & striking outer portion

• Totally noise free & odorless process

• Automatic stops functioning if door remains open

• Emergency stop button

• Digital display installed for temperature control.