Today whole world is going through a huge issue related to huge piles of garbage. This garbage may also be called solid waste which is continuously being generated at our homes, offices, workplaces, industries etc. As today the world population is growing day by day, this waste is also produced in large volume which is a threat to human beings and our environment. This huge mix of organic as well as inorganic residual is growing and if it will not be treated the proper way or will not be properly managed it will give huge negative financial as well as social impacts. These huge volumes of waste consists of toxic gases like methane etc. which is very hazardous for human life and atmosphere at the same time, according to many studies.

Today in most developing countries the waste is burnt to deal with which is not the right solution to manage organic waste, which creates air pollution and can cause dangerous diseases among people. These highly toxic pollutants enters drinkable water bodies or ground water and pollutes it which in turn becomes unfit to drink. There are many developed countries which are among bulk generators category and are mostly liable for waste generation.

We can handle at least organic part of these huge piles with the composting techniques which are large chunks of these solid waste, and we unknowingly wasting this waste, which can be very high quality manure for plants. Composting can be used as a problem solver in the cities and metros which are facing waste problems thus we can achieve clean cities target if citizens perform their duty of handling their own organic waste. The organic waste or wet waste if treated well by various composting techniques which actually contains all the essential nutrients which helps in growth of plants the natural way.

COMPOSTING – The Definition

Composting process is a natural way of producing manure from all types of organic matters which are highly nutrient for plants are also termed as “Black Gold. By following the proper and organic composting process is actually a way to bring the soil back to life cycle at the same time making it fertile with nutrient rich manure. Below is the actual picture of Finished product which is manure or compost in slight dark brown colour which smells like soil at the time of rain.

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