Composting – Is it a perfect solution of Waste problem??

Composting – Is it a perfect solution of Waste problem??

Composting is the way to maintain ecosystem where all the organic wastes will be used as fertilizers for the agriculture or plantations. Composting also presents a solution to treat organic waste in most organic way with minimum monetary expense and can dispose huge pile up of wastes. If the organic way of composting will be followed then all studies suggest that the final product “Organic Manure” will be carrying all important nutrients for plants. Although organic way of composting is debatable like the pile has to be turned over on regular interval, temperature has to be maintained on optimum degree, needs regular watering, so this can be classified as most organic process. Then the ultimate product then can rightly be called “Compost” and can be used for agricultural purposes.

Earlier disposal of waste was not a big problem as the populations were very small in size, and also huge land areas were available for the disposal of such waste. But nowadays in the time of rapid urbanization in most developing countries creating huge problem for proper disposal of garbage.

Modern researchers are continuously making efforts to confirm that such compost is actually can be used as fertilizer for plants. Organic way of composting provides most economic and cheapest way to handle solid organic waste as it is much cheaper than transportation to landfills. Additionally it also helps to manage whole pile of waste piles as organic or food waste are approximately 60% to 70% of total waste.

The quality of final product “Manure” depends upon the components present in waste pile. So the usefulness of the product majorly depends upon quality of nutrients present in it. Although according to many studies, such manure obtained from organic composting process are rich in humus and macro and microelements. The only problem which can be seen in organic manure is the presence of many heavy metal contents in it.

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