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Organic waste – The Definition

The pile of wastes which contains all materials which is residual of food, rotten fruits and vegetables, meat pieces, horticulture waste such as leaves, stems, paper and cardboard etc.

Why Organic waste is harmful for humans?

Till recent times the waste was buried in landfills which is very harmful for humans because dumped organic waste in these vast landfills undergoes anaerobic decomposition process; and while presence of less amount oxygen, in turn generates hazardous methane gas. And Methane gas is 20 times more harmful for humans than carbon dioxide, if released in in environment.

Way to convert organic waste into compost?

Raw food waste can be convert organic waste into high quality manure with the help of Organic Food Waste Converter Machine and the final product will be very useful for plants or landscaping.

Composting process inside organic food waste composter machine?

Composting is a process in which solid food waste is treated with the help of microorganisms, which breaks down by natural decaying process the whole organic matter till the time it is converted into manure.

Suitable ecological conditions is maintained inside the organic food waste converter machine which in turn helps the composting process. Temperature can be monitored which helps to maintain humidity when it go high or low.

Shredding waste helps decomposition process, adding water on regular intervals & maintaining proper aeration by turning the raw compost mixture time to time. Bio culture or microorganisms further break up the raw waste material. Bio culture needs oxygen to process of converting the organic waste into heat, carbon dioxide & ammonium.

The final product – High Quality Compost will be very rich in all necessary nutrients. The organic compost is advantageous for the agricultural land in many ways, works as soil conditioner, acts as fertilizer, works as natural pesticide.

Applications of Organic Waste Converter

  • ·Big residential complexes
  • ·Resorts/ Marriage Halls / Banquet Halls
  • ·Big Hotels & Restaurants

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