Any food or organic residual can be turned into compost by following proper composting process. The biggest problem today is to treat leftover food waste and our very advance food waste composter machine turn this leftover food into high quality manure at your own premises only. These well built fully automatic organic waste converter machine have inbuilt food Shredder and machine supports 100% natural decomposing process. Inbuilt shredder in the machine will help handling high volume of organic waste by reducing it to 70% to 80% at first step. Finally this shredded material has to be out in advanced curing system for 9 days, which will turn this raw compost into very high quality compost or manure which can be either used for the plantation or can be sold out as well.

Food waste or refuse can be treated with the help of Organic Waste Converter Machine the most organic way.

The Organic Waste Converter Machine processing cycle processes waste in many sequential steps. Organic waste Converter machine follows environment friendly process for waste disposal which help in reducing carbon footprints with zero harmful emissions and results in usable and high quality compost. The main function of the Organic Waste composter machine is to convert waste odor-free raw compost within fifteen minutes through natural process.

After this machine process – The curing system comes into picture which stabilizes the raw compost and thus turning the raw compost into high quality manure through composed aerobic microbial decomposition process. The curing system does not require any electricity although the respiratory system maintains the decomposition process. The high quality fertilizer will be ready within 9 days – ready to use in gardens. The manure will be enriched with all necessary nutrients.

Our Organic food waste composer machine’s Key Features:

  • Inbuilt Shredder in machines with all capacities
  • Fully automatic machine variant
  • Organic processing with zero harmful discharge of harmful gases.
  • Very compact size (Takes very small area)
  • High quality and 100% Organic MANURE ready in 24 HOURS
  • Stainless steel processing chamber (zero rusting problem)
  • Zero Noise, No bad Odor, Zero Maintenance machines
  • Total waste management solution for large pile of wastes

We are leading Organic food waste converter machine manufacturers in India

DS Consultancy Services – Pioneers in waste management services for last 8 years. We believe in serving our clients with most advanced technologies and fantastic solutions to our customers in waste management trade. All the clients have very different types of requirements so we also believe in offering customized solutions to them. Our most advanced technology provides solution for organic waste, based on heating mechanism which reduces waste volume drastically along with de-composting of waste.

Why “Composto”

  • Fully-Automatic process – zero human intervention
  • Very easy handling
  • Maximum possible waste volume reduction
  • High quality compost generation
  • Very aesthetically designed
  • Machine can process all types of food waste (including non-veg)
  • In-Built shredder can be process all types of waste including bones
  • Very compact in size – Low Floor area needed
  • Very Less Noise
  • Very Easy handling & operation


Features of “Composto”: Our very advanced Organic food waste converter machine: We have developed this owc machine on the principle of total waste management by organic composting a single machine with very less human intervention. Shredding process & composting process takes place in sequential manner in owc machine pouring bio-culture or micro-organisms to turn the shredded waste into fully developed compost. The heater inside organic waste composter machine removes moisture present in raw waste through heating mechanism. The waste has to be first fed into owc machine to get shredded which will reduce the waste material volume and will facilitate quick composting. Aerobic composting process or respiratory system of bio culture present in organic waste generates heat which removes the moisture by evaporation and makes ready to use high quality compost in a few days as a result.

Organic waste converter machine three step processes

  • Shredding of waste
  • Mixing of raw compost
  • Final Composting process
  • Inbuilt shredder in machine will chop waste into very small pieces.
  • Already shredded waste will be put into owc machine.
  • Mixer in owc machine will mix raw compost through blades for twenty minutes.
  • Saw dust / dry manure & bio culture has to be added during mixing process.
  • Final raw compost matter has to be taken out and placed for curing in racks for seven to ten days.

Equipment Required:-

  • High speed external Shredder
  • Organic food waste composting Machine
  • Curing system racks for carets filled with raw compost for final composting process

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