Waste Management In Delhi / NCR

Waste Management In Delhi / NCR

Capital of India DELHI has earned negative fame in generating huge piles of solid waste daily and huge number of ragpickers taking out saleable contents out of that. Many studies says that approx. 7500 tonnes per day od garbage is generated by this region. So now the golden question is are our people are ready to contribute their part to manage this huge piles now after government also has become active with their swach bharat announcememts and implementation SWM rules 2016.

According to studies, this problem can be tackled in much better way, if large residential societies can come forward and become self magare for their bio degradable waste on their own by organic waste composting processes with the help of food waste composting machine. Instead of spending money on transportation of these huge organic waste chunks these societies make some monetary benefits out of this solid waste by converting garbage to high quality manure. Although the sucsess of this idea largely depends upon the proper segregation of solid waste at individual unit level.

Delhi/NCR potential

Many reseraches sugest that according to the huge population in this region around 800 tonnes per day of bio degradable waste is generated.

The region also produces approx. 1000 tonnes per day of horticulture from its trees and plants, and this kind of bio degaradable waste id generally handled most unprofessional way, as the cleaners burns it which in turn affects negatively our environment.

On the other hand studies suggest that atleast 50% of such waste going to landfills creating huge issues for mankind can be treated and very easily compostable.

Money is also going waste

If we take land cost in this region into consideration, huge amounts are going in drain just to dispose of these huge pile of solid waste along with transportation cost, which can be used to make some money. Also now there is a huge gap in available land in ratio of required land for these landfills.

Check and Help Before its too late to handle – The Organic Waste Problem!!

In any house average 1.25 kg of food leftover or peels are thrown away in shape of garbage, also our vegetables markets throws away the unsold or wasted fruits or vegetables which increases these huge pile.

The governments are very active to manage this organic waste in much professional and organic way and wanst to reduse it to 50% in coming times.

There are many initiatives taken by individuals or NGO, who collects the food waste from individual houses and donate them to the needy ones or sometimes to orphanages also, which in turn helps society to deal with huge food residual in much positive way. We all blames others to create such huge piles of waste, but it is time for us to take these kind of initiatives on our own to put our part of contribution.

Big hotels / Restaurants can play major role in this if they understands their responsibilities towards society and start helping such positive food usage and also implementing organic composting processes for leftover food and peels etc. with the help of easily available organic food waste conveter machine.

The major problem is that when these organic wastes goes to landfills the decomposting happens in a very different way that it produces harmful methane gas and spreads in our atmosphere, which is way harmful than carbon dioxide.

The change has to come from inside out or in other words our households or individuals has to understand the gravity of the situation now and we have to take fast steps to help our environment using variuos ideas available.

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