What is Solid or Organic waste and its management process??

We need to understand first – What is solid or organic waste?

All types of residual or waste which includes useless garbage or rubbish from any industrial, Horticulture, agricultural, animal husbandry, residential, commercial activity are called organic waste. Since industrial growth has taken place in the world so as a result more and more waste are generated everyday as human has started more and more inorganic inputs. So today this waste has piled up to the extent that it has started affecting the human health also it is affecting our atmosphere very badly. The process of this Industrialization has many advantages as well as many disadvantages. One of these are these huge piles of solid waste at these vast landfills.

Different classes of wastes:

These pile of Waste can be classified into many categories or classes like, material based waste such as plastic residuals, paper waste, glass or metal waste, organic or food waste. Few of these types of wastes can be hazardous in nature for human beings may be few are radioactive, few are even flammable, infectious in nature, toxic for atmosphere. The waste can also be classified on the origin of the garbage, like industrial waste, Residential waste, Construction or demolition debris are few classes of waste.

“Whatever be the class of waste every ipta of waste should be treated to the extent that it becomes non hazardous to the human lives or if possible it can be turned into a useful product to ensure environmental hygiene.” Here we are defining the organic waste management or we can say how we can use our food waste to produce a useful product “Manure or Compost”


Turning food waste or organic waste into highly nutrient fertilizers – the process is called Composting and the end product is called compost or manure. Only biodegradable garbage or residual can be used for composting. Although the whole process of composting may take 90 to 120 days, but with the help of Organic waste converter machines or Food composter machines it will take only 10 days if we will follow all aerobic and natural process and few bio culture has to be added for acceleration of whole process.


           In Picture above is actual manure resulted after 9 days of natural composting

OWC Machine or Food waste converter machines are useful in these areas:

Technicalities of Organic waste converter machine or food waste composter machines:-

                         Picture above shown is a type of Organic Waste Composter Machine

There are many types of machines available in market you can check here few of the types – Both Fully Automatic and Semi automatic variants www.organicwastecompostermachine.com

Organic Waste Composting Machine – Defined

Any food or organic residual can be turned into compost by following proper composting process. The biggest problem today is to treat leftover food waste and our very advance food waste composter machine turn this leftover food into high quality manure at your own premises only. These well built fully automatic organic waste converter machine have inbuilt food Shredder and machine supports 100% natural decomposing process. Inbuilt shredder in the machine will help handling high volume of organic waste by reducing it to 70% to 80% at first step. Finally this shredded material has to be out in advanced curing system for 9 days, which will turn this raw compost into very high quality compost or manure which can be either used for the plantation or can be sold out as well.

Our Organic food waste composter machine’s Key Features:

Food waste or refuse can be treated with the help of Organic Waste Converter Machine the most organic way.

The Organic Waste Converter Machine processing cycle processes waste in many sequential steps. Organic waste Converter machine follows environment friendly process for waste disposal which help in reducing carbon footprints with zero harmful emissions  and results in usable and high quality compost. The main function of the Organic Waste composter machine is to convert waste odor-free raw compost within fifteen minutes through natural process.

After this machine process – The curing system comes into picture which stabilizes the raw compost and thus turning the raw compost into high quality manure through composed aerobic microbial decomposition process. The curing system does not require any electricity although the respiratory system maintains the decomposition process. The high quality fertilizer will be ready within 9 days – ready to use in gardens. The manure will be enriched with all necessary nutrients.

We are leading Organic food waste converter machine manufacturers in India

DS Consultancy Services – Pioneers in waste management services for last 8 years. We believe in serving our clients with most advanced technologies and fantastic solutions to our customers in waste management trade. All the clients have very different types of requirements so we also believe in offering customized solutions to them. Our most advanced technology provides solution for organic waste, based on heating mechanism which reduces waste volume drastically along with de-composting of waste.

Why “Composto”:



Features of “Composto”: Our very advanced Organic food waste converter machine: We have developed this owc machine on the principle of total waste management by organic composting a single machine with very less human intervention. Shredding process & composting process takes place in sequential manner in owc machine pouring bio-culture or micro-organisms to turn the shredded waste into fully developed compost. The heater inside organic waste composter machine removes moisture present in raw waste through heating mechanism. The waste has to be first fed into owc machine to get shredded which will reduce the waste material volume and will facilitate quick composting. Aerobic composting process or respiratory system of bio culture present in organic waste generates heat which removes the moisture by evaporation and makes ready to use high quality compost in a few days as a result.

Organic waste converter machine three step processes

(1) Shredding of waste

(2) Mixing of raw compost

(3) Final Composting process

Equipment Required:-

(1) High speed external Shredder

(2) Organic food waste composting Machine

(2) Curing system racks for carets filled with raw compost for final composting process

Organic Food Waste Converter Machine :

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Organic waste – The Definition

The pile of wastes which contains all materials which is residual of food, rotten fruits and vegetables, meat pieces, horticulture waste such as leaves, stems, paper and cardboard etc.

Why Organic waste is harmful for humans?

Till recent times the waste was buried in landfills which is very harmful for humans because dumped organic waste in these vast landfills undergoes anaerobic decomposition process; and while presence of less amount oxygen, in turn generates hazardous methane gas. And Methane gas is 20 times more harmful for humans than carbon dioxide, if released in in environment.

Way to convert organic waste into compost?

Raw food waste can be convert organic waste into high quality manure with the help of Organic Food Waste Converter Machine and the final product will be very useful for plants or landscaping.

Composting process inside organic food waste composter machine?

Composting is a process in which solid food waste is treated with the help of microorganisms, which breaks down by natural decaying process the whole organic matter till the time it is converted into manure.

Suitable ecological conditions is maintained inside the organic food waste converter machine which in turn helps the composting process. Temperature can be monitored which helps to maintain humidity when it go high or low.

Shredding waste helps decomposition process, adding water on regular intervals & maintaining proper aeration by turning the raw compost mixture time to time. Bio culture or microorganisms further break up the raw waste material. Bio culture needs oxygen to process of converting the organic waste into heat, carbon dioxide & ammonium.

The final product – High Quality Compost will be very rich in all necessary nutrients. The organic compost is advantageous for the agricultural land in many ways, works as soil conditioner, acts as fertilizer, works as natural pesticide.

Applications of Organic Waste Converter

·Big residential complexes

·Resorts/ Marriage Halls / Banquet Halls

·Big Hotels & Restaurants

Composting is a solution to the waste problem??

Today whole world is going through a huge issue related to huge piles of garbage. This garbage may also be called solid waste which is continuously being generated at our homes, offices, workplaces, industries etc. As today the world population is growing day by day, this waste is also produced in large volume which is a threat to human beings and our environment. This huge mix of organic as well as inorganic residual is growing and if it will not be treated the proper way or will not be properly managed it will give huge negative financial as well as social impacts. These huge volumes of waste consists of toxic gases like methane etc. which is very hazardous for human life and atmosphere at the same time, according to many studies.

Today in most developing countries the waste is burnt to deal with which is not the right solution to manage organic waste, which creates air pollution and can cause dangerous diseases among people. These highly toxic pollutants enters drinkable water bodies or ground water and pollutes it which in turn becomes unfit to drink. There are many developed countries which are among bulk generators category and are mostly liable for waste generation.

We can handle at least organic part of these huge piles with the composting techniques which are large chunks of these solid waste, and we unknowingly wasting this waste, which can be very high quality manure for plants. Composting can be used as a problem solver in the cities and metros which are facing waste problems thus we can achieve clean cities target if citizens perform their duty of handling their own organic waste. The organic waste or wet waste if treated well by various composting techniques which actually contains all the essential nutrients which helps in growth of plants the natural way.

COMPOSTING – The Definition

Composting process is a natural way of producing manure from all types of organic matters which are highly nutrient for plants are also termed as “Black Gold. By following the proper and organic composting process is actually a way to bring the soil back to life cycle at the same time making it fertile with nutrient rich manure. Below is the actual picture of Finished product which is manure or compost in slight dark brown colour which smells like soil at the time of rain.

Various Types of COMPOSTING

Backyard Composting Techniques:

Generally aware people do the whole composting process at their backyards. They makes few pits and keep pouring organic waste or food waste in those pits, which takes around 90 days to become manure also it needs turning over and some water on regular intervals.

Vermicomposting – composting with worms

It this composting techniques certain earthworms are to be put in waste pile where these worms eats the organic matter and also uses respiratory system to turn that food waste into high quality manure. This whole process is clled Vermicomposting.

Organic food waste converter machine

In recent times few machines are also available which help in shredding, mixing and heating the food waste and if we also mixes bio culture with food waste it converts waste pile into high quality manure. Although degree of temperature has to be taken care as high temperature can kill important bacteria. Also after shredding and mixing approx. 9 days curing also required for making it quality compost. Below is the pic of a organic food composter machine.

Composting – Is it a perfect solution of Waste problem??

Composting is the way to maintain ecosystem where all the organic wastes will be used as fertilizers for the agriculture or plantations. Composting also presents a solution to treat organic waste in most organic way with minimum monetary expense and can dispose huge pile up of wastes. If the organic way of composting will be followed then all studies suggest that the final product “Organic Manure” will be carrying all important nutrients for plants. Although organic way of composting is debatable like the pile has to be turned over on regular interval, temperature has to be maintained on optimum degree, needs regular watering, so this can be classified as most organic process. Then the ultimate product then can rightly be called “Compost” and can be used for agricultural purposes.

Earlier disposal of waste was not a big problem as the populations were very small in size, and also huge land areas were available for the disposal of such waste. But nowadays in the time of rapid urbanization in most developing countries creating huge problem for proper disposal of garbage.

Modern researchers are continuously making efforts to confirm that such compost is actually can be used as fertilizer for plants. Organic way of composting provides most economic and cheapest way to handle solid organic waste as it is much cheaper than transportation to landfills. Additionally it also helps to manage whole pile of waste piles as organic or food waste are approximately 60% to 70% of total waste.

The quality of final product “Manure” depends upon the components present in waste pile. So the usefulness of the product majorly depends upon quality of nutrients present in it. Although according to many studies, such manure obtained from organic composting process are rich in humus and macro and microelements. The only problem which can be seen in organic manure is the presence of many heavy metal contents in it.

Waste Management In Delhi / NCR

Capital of India DELHI has earned negative fame in generating huge piles of solid waste daily and huge number of ragpickers taking out saleable contents out of that. Many studies says that approx. 7500 tonnes per day od garbage is generated by this region. So now the golden question is are our people are ready to contribute their part to manage this huge piles now after government also has become active with their swach bharat announcememts and implementation SWM rules 2016.

According to studies, this problem can be tackled in much better way, if large residential societies can come forward and become self magare for their bio degradable waste on their own by organic waste composting processes with the help of food waste composting machine. Instead of spending money on transportation of these huge organic waste chunks these societies make some monetary benefits out of this solid waste by converting garbage to high quality manure. Although the sucsess of this idea largely depends upon the proper segregation of solid waste at individual unit level.

Delhi/NCR potential

Many reseraches sugest that according to the huge population in this region around 800 tonnes per day of bio degradable waste is generated.

The region also produces approx. 1000 tonnes per day of horticulture from its trees and plants, and this kind of bio degaradable waste id generally handled most unprofessional way, as the cleaners burns it which in turn affects negatively our environment.

On the other hand studies suggest that atleast 50% of such waste going to landfills creating huge issues for mankind can be treated and very easily compostable.

Money is also going waste

If we take land cost in this region into consideration, huge amounts are going in drain just to dispose of these huge pile of solid waste along with transportation cost, which can be used to make some money. Also now there is a huge gap in available land in ratio of required land for these landfills.

Check and Help Before its too late to handle – The Organic Waste Problem!!

In any house average 1.25 kg of food leftover or peels are thrown away in shape of garbage, also our vegetables markets throws away the unsold or wasted fruits or vegetables which increases these huge pile.

The governments are very active to manage this organic waste in much professional and organic way and wanst to reduse it to 50% in coming times.

There are many initiatives taken by individuals or NGO, who collects the food waste from individual houses and donate them to the needy ones or sometimes to orphanages also, which in turn helps society to deal with huge food residual in much positive way. We all blames others to create such huge piles of waste, but it is time for us to take these kind of initiatives on our own to put our part of contribution.

Big hotels / Restaurants can play major role in this if they understands their responsibilities towards society and start helping such positive food usage and also implementing organic composting processes for leftover food and peels etc. with the help of easily available organic food waste conveter machine.

The major problem is that when these organic wastes goes to landfills the decomposting happens in a very different way that it produces harmful methane gas and spreads in our atmosphere, which is way harmful than carbon dioxide.

The change has to come from inside out or in other words our households or individuals has to understand the gravity of the situation now and we have to take fast steps to help our environment using variuos ideas available.