Fully Automatic Model OWCM 300


Fully automatic Compost Machine – highly effective for any kind of food waste to convert into high quality of manure. This high technology composting machine decomposes the waste very easy and fast to turn pile of waste into manure. This fully automatic food waste compost machine follows totally organic procedure or fully natural process of composting.

Compost Machine Process “The COMPOSTO” : The best way to convert waste to compost through machine:

The Compost Machine salient features and its advantages:

  1. Fully Automatic Compost machine available in different processing capacities like 25 kg. Per day / 50 kg per day to 1000 kg per day.
  2. Fully automatic compost machine can reduce waste volume very drastically as electric heating technology is aligned perfectly as per the client need. (How much volume reduction is needed depends upon clients – the compost machine can reach upto 90%)
  3. We have kept the sizes of composting machines very compact and modular to give maximum space utilisation.
  4. Machine is also equipped with high quality Electric Panel for easy handling by any operator.
  5. The compost machine – “The COMPOSTO” is equipped with all the necessities to convert all type of food and horticulture waste into compost, which makes it the best option available in market to cater all your composting needs.

The Compost machine is best and well designed to cater all needs for hotels, restaurants, factories/companies where many people works, temples, resorts, Banquet halls, schools, corporate houses  etc. where many types of food wastes generated like most hotels generates vegetarian and non vegetarian food waste, Factories for their huge food leftovers, Resorts-schools-big corporate houses-banquets for their huge horticulture wastes like leaves, flowers, pruning etc.


Fully automatic food waste compost machineFully automatic composting machine

Compost Machine

Composting Machine

Composting Machine

Organic waste composting machine






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FAQs to help understanding the facts about fully automatic Composter machine:

Q. What is food waste composting machine?

Ans: Food waste composting machine helps to process food waste mechanically and turning it to manure. 

Q. Is food waste composting machine manufactured in india?

Ans: Yes, very high quality composting machines are manufactured in India.

Q. What is food waste composting machine price?

Ans: Compost machine price depends upon many aspects like capacity, size, technology, make etc.

Q. Are you guys food waste composting machine manufacturers?

Ans: Yes, we manufactures compost machine in many capacities.

Q. Do you manufactures food waste composting machine for home?

Ans: Yes we have many models available for home as well.

Q. Can you share food waste composting machine pdf?

Ans: Send us your details in contact us form, we will share as soon as possible.

Q. Have you installed any food waste composting machine in chennai?

Ans: We undertake turn key projects across India, kindly contact our sales team for your requirement.

Q. What are the capacities of food waste composting machine you have?

Ans: We have 25 kg / 50 kg / 100 kg / 150 kg / 200 kg to 1000 kg per day capacity machines.

Q. How many types of food waste composting machine in India available?

Ans: Fully automatic and Semi automatic both variants available in India. 

Q. What is food waste composting machine price?

Ans: Composting machine prices starting from 70000/- onwards.