How COMPOSTO helps in composting process

* Helps in volume reduction of huge oil ups of waste

* Helps in making best quality compost in just 9 days

* Helps bad Odour Control

* Makes composting ready to process very easily in its biological stage

* Prepares high quality manure in which all necessary nutrients present for plant growth

Other details about “COMPOSTO”

* Very compact unit available across organic waste converter machine segment

* Looks wise good (best to put in hotels restaurants kitchen etc.)

* Available in different capacities

* Takes very low electricity

* Single phase capacity also available

* Output process is state of art

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Organic waste : Uff! Such a huge problem in India – But wait, Wow!! Now we have organic waste composting machine to deal with such mess in our neighborhood.

DSC & Engineering presents “COMPOSTO”. Now don’t worry about your food Waste / plants leaves mess, our COMPOSTO will perfectly deal with your problem the most organic way.
Also in return it will give you fantastic quality of manure, use it with your plants and they will thank you for such good nutrition. Also the water or moisture present in the waste is perfect quality organic liquid fertilizer, which will give magical growth to your garden and all this is possible by most modern organic waste composting enabling machine – COMPOSTO.
Honestly friends, COMPOSTO is such a bane today, it is helping mother nature to keep the organic nature intact. How?? Guys, it is handling organic waste by organic composting process – just go through our you tube Vedios on the issue. Just to share few of them here, we would say it is keeping the ground water safe and protecting it from contaminating.
Yes some may say, that earlier we were not spending anything on our waste, but friends spending such small amount of money to keep our environment safe is just peanuts. We have kept our organic waste converter machine price at very reasonable, you can contact our sales representatives for more details. The representatives themselves are environment mitras and not only organic waste Composter machine manufacturers, so you can interact with them with your most complex problems related to Organic waste handling process.
Now comes the availability part: Friends don’t worry about the Organic Waste Composter or Converter Machine availability in any city, we will make the most vibrant solution – COMPOSTO – the organic waste composting machine available in your city only, be it Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai or anywhere else, just ring once on +91- 99588-58881.