Kitchen Waste Composting Machine Introduction

The COMPOSTO 5 – The best Kitchen Waste Composting Machine is designed and developed specifically for individual houses and its kitchen waste so that people can turn their waste into manure for their kitchen gardens, ornamental plants at home. The machine processes total waste without any foul smell, without attracting rodents etc. making it a very successful model for every environment lover.

Kitchen Waste Composting Machine Design and Features:

  • Batch Frequency: As every house hold produces kitchen waste every day, so the Kitchen Waste Composting Machine also helps in composting process on daily base on very minimal use.
  • Output Managing: The raw compost produced by Kitchen Waste Composting Machine has to be handled the way so that it should not cause any inconvienience and can be put in curing system specially designed for households.
  • Part of kitchen appliances: COMPOSTO 5 is designed very beautifully and such way that it will look a part of your kitchen. The outer part of machine is made of SS 304 so it looks a part of kitchen itself like dish washer etc., so it can be conveniently placed in kitchen only.
  • Modular design: This revolutionery product is very modular in look and very compact in size to fit in very kitchen size.
  • Odour Less: COMPOSTO 5 processes kitchen waste without producing any kind of foul smell or odour.
  • Lesser noise: This Home Kitchen Waste Composting Machine produces very less noise, without creating any disturbance to the family.
  • Very Easy Working: COMPOSTO 5 is very easy to handle and very easy to work so that anyone in family can process the waste, even your domestic help will be able to do that.

* Movable: COMPOSTO 5 can be moved very easily as it comes with 360 degree wheels.

  • Aesthetically Designed: This dynamic Kitchen Waste Composting Machine is developed and designed to fulfil needs of any household with due attention to every aspect of process of food waste composting.

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