Waste Composto 150

This Organic Food Waste Composter Machine follows total aerobic process to compost and works without emitting any bad smells (resulting in no rodents or pests). The organic waste converter machine produces manure of very high grade which is ready to use, highly nutritious for plantation.


TECHNICAL SPECS of Organic Waste Converter Machine:


  • Machine Capacity: Can Handle up to 750 Kg per day of waste

  • Machine size: Approx. 1.2m long x 1m wide x 1m high

  • Food Waste input: top open

  • Manure harvest: bottom

  • Additives needed: Bio Culture and Absorbent

  • Total Capacity: up to 150 Kg per day


HOW TO USE Organic Waste Converter Machine:


Initial phase

  • Feed food waste from top lid evenly in processing chamber

  • Add 200 grams of Bio culture with absorbent to the waste in chember


Second Phase / Production phase


1. Switch on machine to get the waste shredded and mixed

2. Set temperature on 35 degree to drain out the moisture

 “Your high quality manure is ready”


 Composting & its Benefits to Environment

 ·Composting treatment to waste reduces burdens on landfill resulting lesser carbon emissions into land.·This treatment saves time and energy on transportation.·Manure enriches soil & saves valuable water.·Gives us healthy plants·Treatment is purely natural and economical thus saves atmosphere

Compost Machine - WC 125
Compost Machine - WC 125